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Here at the Hyundai Motor Vehicles website we are here to promote the qualities that make Hyundai motor cars so special. Modern Hyundai engines are more powerful than at any time in the company’s past, meaning Hyundai cars are the perfect vehicles for the full range of different driving purposes.

Potential purchasers can expect a high standard of performance from Hyundai engines, as they have been specifically designed with such challenging forms of use in mind.

These engines also deliver enough torque to facilitate the carrying of heavy weight loads as well as the towing of such heavy loads, like trailers, or caravans for example. As you can see, a Hyundai engine is purposefully manufactured to be able to take all manner of driving purposes and styles in its stride.

Improving power, speed and design

Hyundai cars are manufactured with power and control as the essential elements of their design, and in the company’s more recent releases the design and engineering teams have managed to improve their vehicles functionality even further.

Thanks to this research and development, the range of Hyundai vehicles available today are modern cars with a truly functional nature, a mind blowing performance capability, and a stunning aesthetic appeal.

The UK’s answer to Ferrari car hire

If you want to experience newer, more luxury cars than what Hyundai has, then you’re in the right place as we know one of London’s leading car hire companies giving you the total freedom to entertain yourself in a sports car or 4 x 4.

Ferrari sports cars are of the most desired cars on the market due to their ability to take the breath away of on-goers and those in the vehicle. The Ferrari California is one of the most sought out vehicles due to its high levels of comfort, style and durability. Check out the exciting features.

What are some of the features of the Ferrari California?

Ferrari doesn’t skip out on any features that improve the performance of the vehicle and the California certainly displays this.

  • Top speed of 194 MPH
  • 0-62 MPH in just four seconds
  • Impressive V8 turbo
  • Automatic transmission with rear wheel drive


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We are not associated with Hyundai nor do we trade as them. If you would like to contact them please do directly.

We are here to support the Hyundai car trades and provide information that helps consumers when purchasing them. Thank you.

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